Uniting with the demands of the poor

ST. PETERSBURG, FL — At the US Social Forum in Philly, one of the gatherings was a People’s Movement Assembly that centered on the importance of Faith and it’s intersection with Justice. It happened on the heels of Spiritual gatherings and workshops at the Social Forum.
One of those workshops, that I conducted, on “Solidarity with Movements of the Poor,” particularly around the idea of Liberation Theology, was among several, that informed our discussion on the last day of the US Social Forum. Though a small crowd in attendance, it was a very committed and excited group of people, ready to promote change from the bottom up. It included both lay leadership and clergy. Several ideas came from this group to further promote the creation of the new world that is necessary.

Grassroots movement of homeless is forming

ST. PETERSBURG, FL — A statewide grass roots movement of homeless people, formerly homeless, and their supporters is forming in Florida to resist those who criminalize folks simply because they are homeless. Groups in several cities are uniting around the idea of fighting back and not allowing the non-profit industrial complex to sell out the homeless community simply because they don’t want to “rock the boat” and lose their funding. Homeless folks who have been criminalized by the system and “left out to hang” by non-profits are coming together in cities including St. Petersburg, Tampa, Ft. Lauderdale, Miami, Orlando, Jacksonville, Lakeland, Sarasota, Brooksville, and Gainesville. They are from groups such as Living Water, the Well, the Refuge, Speak Up Florida, the Poor People’s Economic Human Rights Campaign Florida, Hearts for God Worship Center, Transitions Support Group, Revolutionary Caucus, Revolutionary Road Radio Show, Food Not Bombs, and Students for a Democratic Society (USFSP).